About the R.O.P.E. Company

 R.O.P.E. (Reaching Out Productions Enterprise) “Where GOD Comes First”.

 YAHWEH is the cornerstone of our company and the rock we lean on. We strive to deliver first-class wholesome entertainment spanning all forms of media from film, radio, television and various social media platforms. As champions of Hope, R.O.P.E. advocates positive change in a lost and dying world.

Founder Elisa Lane / CEO/Producer/ Air Radio Personality

Elisa has a passion and calling to bring wholesome programs to a broad audience. Currently she is producing a Full length feature film titled: (IDOLATRY WORSHIP MISPLACED). 

Corporate Email: elisa@reachingoutproductions.com

Elisa’s Corporate Voicemail/Phone number: 1-833- ROPE (7673) 777,  ext.#1

Mari Plank / Executive Director of Operations

Mari is the ROPE Executive Director of Operations. She is also a Christian Transformation Life Coach-Counselor with a passion to see people live free from limitation and fears. She is the author of  a forthcoming book Stop Dancing With the Enemy? She shares her wisdom from her personal journey, professional expertise and faith.

Corporate Email: mari@reachingoutproductions.com

Mari’s Voicemail/Phone number:1-833- ROPE (7673) 777,  ext#2

Mark Munson/General Marketing Director/Radio Host/Comedian

Mark is a Panel Host for Reaching Out Radio, (Where GOD Comes First).  He is the General  Marketing Manager for R.O.P.E. Mark is one of the line producers for the film Idolatry Worship Misplaced.



Corporate Email:mark@reachingoutproductions.com

Mark’s Voicemail/Phone number: 1-833- ROPE (7673) 7777, ext#4