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Do You Have Idols?

An idol is anything we put before God. Ambassador Elisa’s movie, Idolatry, Worship Misplaced is very timely. Listen today how we can identify if there are idols in our life. We have drifted and created our own idols.

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Guard your Heart

Today we continue to discuss Prov. 3;5, If you can get a hold of the truth and principles in this scripture, you will unlock God’s blessings. What does it mean to trust in the Lord? You have to have both feet in the Lord. One foot in the Lord and one in world,  you are […]

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Trust in the Lord, our Creator

We continue to understand to trust and how we can trust the lord. The Lord wants to know that you trust Him. Trust has to be earned. We earn it through our experiences and relationship. Once we see God’s character, we can trust Him. Prov. 3:5, tells us to trust in the Lord, the Creator […]

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