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Trust in the Lord, our Creator

We continue to understand to trust and how we can trust the lord. The Lord wants to know that you trust Him. Trust has to be earned. We earn it through our experiences and relationship. Once we see God’s character, we can trust Him. Prov. 3:5, tells us to trust in the Lord, the Creator […]

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Trust in the Lord

Ambassador Elisa and her panel continue to discuss trusting in the the Lord. It is easy to trust the Lord when things are going well, but what about when things are not so good? We need to learn how to trust Him in the midst of difficulties. God is trustworthy.

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What is Trusting in the Lord?

Ambassador Elisa briefly discusses her upcoming movie, “Idolatry, Worship Misplaced“. This is her true story of how she was consumed and obsessed with Michael Jackson. She spent 16 hours a day watching his videos and listening to his music, until one day God revealed to her she had a hidden idol in her heart.  Ambassador […]

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