Guard your Heart

Today we continue to discuss Prov. 3;5, If you can get a hold of the truth and principles in this scripture, you will unlock God’s blessings. What does it mean to trust in the Lord? You have to have both feet in the Lord. One foot in the Lord and one in world,  you are asking for more trials and tribulations. Where do you have one foot in the world and one in the Lord?  Now, we are going to talk about the part of scripture, ” trust in the Lord with all your heart.” Your heart reveals whether you really trust in the Lord. The Word tells us to guard our heart. The heart is a reflection of what is really inside of me. Out of the heart flows out the issues of life.  If you are taking in toxins (attitudes, beliefs) any thing you let in, becomes a treasure. Anything you let in becomes valuable. If I give value to something other than God, (worry, anxiety, fear, lies from the enemy).