Parenting Transformation

Bedtime Bliss Rather Than Bedtime Blow Up!

We as parents all know the frustration of getting a child to go to bed. Power struggles rise and so does our frustrations. All of a sudden, they are thirsty, hungry, or want a million and one demands! Here are some ways using Parenting with Love and Logic can turn bedtime into blissful. Read more

Parenting With Choices is Brilliant!

Think of discipline as a way to guide and teach your child about positive ways to behave. A parenting style that works well is one that uses discipline proactively. The goal is to use techniques that encourage your child’s sense of responsibility, nurture self-esteem, and strengthen your relationship with your child. Read more


College Kids Leaving Their Faith

More and more parents and churches are recognizing that students are not prepared for the challenges that college brings. We want them to continue in the faith that they were raised in. Read more




Parenting Transformation

Marriage Transformation

Personal Transformation

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