About the R.O.P.E. Company


Elisa Lane T.,  Founder/CEO/ Air Radio Announcer

Ambassador Elisa has a passion and calling to bring wholesome programming to a global audience. Currently she is producing a full length feature film titled: (IDOLATRY, WORSHIP MISPLACED). 

Corporate Email: elisa@reachingoutproductions.com

Elisa’s Corporate Voicemail/Phone number: 1-833-767 -3777,  ext.#1

Mari Plank / Executive Director of Operations/Panel Radio Host  for the show Transformation

Mari is the R.O.P.E. Executive Director of Operations. She is also a counselor with a passion to see people live free from limitation, fear, loneliness and brokenness. She is the author of  a forthcoming book Stop Dancing With the Enemy. She shares her wisdom from her personal journey, professional expertise and faith.

Corporate Email: mari@reachingoutproductions.com

Mari’s Voicemail/Phone number:1-833- 767 3777,  ext#2

Jack Crane/Publicist/Guest Developer

Jack  has brought phenomenal guests such as Ruta, Lee, Pat Boone, Charles Connor and more. Jack Crane’s varied background include: published article writer and co-author (with Charles Connor) of “Don’t Give Up Your Dreams: You Can Be A Winner, Too!“; disc jockey, interviewer, voice-over talent, marketing specialist, and researcher.

Corporate Email: jack@reachingoutproductions.com

Jack’s  Voicemail/Phone number:1-833- 767 3777,  ext#3

Jessica Z. Maldonado/ Radio Host, Breaking Free/ Libérate (Bi-lingual Show)

Jessica is a known spiritual leader, visionary, motivational speaker, and mentor. Jessica is the founder of “Freedom To The Nations Ministries,” a non-profit charitable organization. She has traveled extensively to Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe teaching the gospel at healing evangelistic crusades, as a motivational conference speaker and to provide humanitarian aid by means of feeding programs, water well projects, and inner-city soccer team support since 1996. She conducts and coordinates fund raising events to recruit sponsors for humanitarian projects, trains, and equips team members for overseas missionary work. She received her theological training at King’s College and Seminary in Van Nuys, California and a baccalaureate degree in Science Nursing. Jessica was born in Lima, Peru and moved to the United States at the age of twelve. 

Mark Munson/Marketing 

Mark coordinates and develops marketing campaigns to promote products. He is responsible for advertising and actively organizes daily operations.

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