The R.O.P. E. Staff

                               REACHING OUT PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE                 

Where GOD Comes First, Always” 

Our primary goal is to win souls for our LORD and SAVIOR. Only YahWeh can solve the problems of the world.


Elisa Lane T.,  Founder / CEO / Air Radio Personality 

Host Ambassador Elisa has a passion and calling to bring wholesome programming to a global audience. Currently, she is producing a full-length feature film titled: IDOLATRY: WORSHIP MISPLACED : Chasing Michael Jackson

Corporate Email:

Elisa Voicemail 1- 833- 767- 3777, ext. #1

Mark Munson Senior Vice President / Website Designer 

Mark is in charge of programming for the Reaching Out Radio Show “Where GOD Comes First Always”. He is also one of the Producers for the film “Idolatry”.  Marketing and management are his key strengths within the company.

Corporate Email:

Mark Voicemail 1- 833- 767- 3777, ext. #4

Mari Plank / Executive Director of Operations 

Mari is the R.O.P.E. Executive Director of Operations. She is also a counselor with a passion to see people live free from limitation, fear, loneliness, and brokenness. She is the author of the book Stop Dancing With the Enemy. She shares her wisdom from her personal journey, professional expertise, and faith.

Corporate Email:

Mari’s Voicemail/Phone number:1-833- 767 3777,  ext#2

Jack Crane/Publicist/Guest Developer

Jack has brought phenomenal guests such as Ruta Lee, Pat Boone, Charles Connor, Hank Garrett, and more. Jack Crane’s varied background includes published article writer and co-author (with Charles Connor) of “Don’t Give Up Your Dreams: You Can Be A Winner, Too!“; disc jockey, interviewer, voice-over talent, marketing specialist, and researcher.

Corporate Email: 

Jack’s  Voicemail/Phone number:1-833- 767 3777,  ext#3

Michael Blevins/ Lighting Technician, Production Coordinator
 Michael has an M.Div from Biola/Talbot in Systematic Theology. He has a degree in TV/Film from LACC. Michael has been
in the industry for 20 years. His specialty is lighting and cameras and professional editor.

Michael’s Voicemail/Phone number: 1-833- 767 3777, ext. 5





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