About the R.O.P.E. Company


Elisa Lane T.,  Founder/CEO/ Air Radio Announcer

Ambassador Elisa has a passion and calling to bring wholesome programming to a global audience. Currently she is producing a full length feature film titled: (IDOLATRY, WORSHIP MISPLACED). 

Corporate Email: elisa@reachingoutproductions.com

                                          Elisa’s Corporate Voicemail/Phone number: 1-833-767 -3777,  ext.#1

Mari Plank / Executive Director of Operations/Panel Radio Host  for the show Transformation

Mari is the R.O.P.E. Executive Director of Operations. She is also a counselor with a passion to see people live free from limitation, fear, loneliness and brokenness. She is the author of  a forthcoming book Stop Dancing With the Enemy. She shares her wisdom from her personal journey, professional expertise and faith.

Corporate Email: mari@reachingoutproductions.com

                                            Mari’s Voicemail/Phone number:1-833- 767 3777,  ext#2

Jack Crane/Publicist/Guest Developer

Jack  has brought phenomenal guests such as Ruta, Lee, Pat Boone, Charles Connor and more. Jack Crane’s varied background include: published article writer and co-author (with Charles Connor) of “Don’t Give Up Your Dreams: You Can Be A Winner, Too!“; disc jockey, interviewer, voice-over talent, marketing specialist, and researcher.

Corporate Email: jack@reachingoutproductions.com 

                                             Jack’s  Voicemail/Phone number:1-833- 767 3777,  ext#3

Mark Munson/Marketing 

Mark coordinates and develops marketing campaigns to promote products. He is responsible for advertising and actively organizes daily operations.

Corporate Email: mark@reachingproductions.com

Jack Voicemail/Phone number: 1- 833- 767- 3777, ext. #4

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