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Word of Encouragement: Renew Your Mind

The word for this week  is “renew”  We’re told in Romans 12:1 to renew our minds. Why is that?   Neuroscientists prove that our thoughts are a physical structure in our brain. They control our emotions and affect all of our other functions including physical, mental, and emotional.  When we allow toxic emotions such as fear,

Marriage with Mari: Foster Thankfulness in Your Marriage

Paul commands us, among other things, to “be thankful” (Colossians 3:15, ESV). Much like anxiety, un-thankfulness doesn’t build relationship, it erodes relationship. Take a moment to think about attitudes and postures that stem from a pattern of ingratitude and entitlement–envy, strife, coveting, fights, and quarreling. Be intentional with your spouse Un-thankfulness can work itself out in a number