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Relationships are an integral part of lives. Whether with a spouse, employer, child or a friend.  They can have a great impact on our emotional, physical and spiritual health. Here are some ways to see if your relationship is healthy or unhealthy:

Signs of a healthy relationship:

  • Your partner or spouse gives you compliments and positive feedback
  • Your partner or spouse lets you make your own decisions.
  • Your partner or spouse is polite and respectful to strangers
  • You partner is always fair and honest
  • You and your partner show affection to one another
  • Your partner treats you with respect in front of others and privately

Here are some indications you are in an unhealthy relationship. If these are occurring, please seek a counselor and learn how to move towards a healthier one.

  • Your partner or spouse puts you down and criticizes you
  • Your partner or spouse tries to make decisions for you
  • Your partner or spouse is rude and aggressive towards others
  • You see your partner lying to and cheating others, which means he or she could do the same to you
  • Your partner withholds affection or intimacy
  • Your partner tries to humiliate you, make you look stupid or pulls cruel pranks on you.