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Titled: IDOlLATRY “Worship Misplaced” Chasing Michael Jackson
Based on True Events: Elisa pursing Michael Jackson for nearly 30 years of her life


Idolatry: Worship Misplaced Summary/Synopsis 

Based on true events, the biopic Idolatry: Worship Misplaced  follows a hometown hero, a biracial determined rising star from Cleveland, embarks on her journeys to the west mirroring the biblical story of the “prodigal son.” Through one tumultuous encounter after another. Elisa, or “Scooby” to some, survives the 1970s, 80s, 90s, till the current era with only her gumption, honesty, and GOD as her shield and buckler.

Seen through the eyes of a naïve, yet purehearted young woman this film is a heartwarming modern age spiritual journey highlighting the growing pains of self discovery. Facing many hurdles from her birth she endures entirely new ones when coming face to face with her Idol Michael Jackson. Elisa relentlessly pursues her idol over 30 years, unwavering in her objective.  

The object of her obsession/love of her life leads her to lust after overnight success in Los Angeles or as many call “Hollywood.” From juggling multiple gigs, Colleges, & film schools, at a time when crack cocaine became a national epidemic; inflated by Los Angeles gang culture. Elisa rises above all of her tribulations gaining connections from cultural icons from the likes of  Zsa Zsa Gabor the extravagant Hungarian heiress and actress to an eccentric encounter with the rapper Eric Wright “Easy-E,.” 

From many triumphs in Elisa’s personal life her status elevates. Through it all she still has a chip on her shoulder from her idol that she covets in her heart since she was a child. The untimely passing of her idol Michal Jackson puts her faith to the test, until she has a divine intervention with YAHWEH that shakes her to her core where she realizes she could not depend on human security.

This awe invigorating inspiring film will leave audiences with the lingering question: Do I possess idols? Do I value anything above God…?


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