R.O.P.E. (Reaching Out Productions Enterprise) where God comes first. YAHWEH is the cornerstone of our company and the rock we lean on. We strive to deliver first class entertainment spanning all forms of media from film, radio, television and various social media platforms. As champions of hope, R.O.P.E. advocates positive change in a lost and dying world.


We believe that no matter what you are facing in this present age there is always hope and a way to make it through. We are dedicated to showing people worldwide a better way to deal with daily struggles by focusing on the spirit and not the flesh. Our films, television programs, plays, books, and other forms of entertainment lead the viewers into a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father.


Reaching Out Radio has listeners in China, France, Mexico, Philippines, Poland. You can follow us on KRPZ  106.1 FM and 1210 AM. We are airing in North Carolina and reaching the East Coast. You can also follow us on Facebook: Reaching Out Radio Where God Comes First!   Listen to radio shows

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