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Power Step Parenting- It doesn’t happen overnight! Experts tell us it takes the average stepfamily 5-7 years to integrate sufficiency to experience intimacy and authenticity in a step-family. Here are some stepping stones: 1. Listening– a person sets aside their own agenda long enough to tune into someone else.2. Understanding– stand in another person’s shoes and try and see the world from their perspective What losses have your stepchild experienced? How do other members of the family treat each other? What challenges are they facing? 3. Perseverance– determine to stick with your family and marriage no matter what. 4. Commitment– combined with the decision to persevere in building your step-family. 5. Patience– Rome wasn’t built in a day and your healthy step-family won’t be built in a day either. 6. Flexibility– You need step-family answers to step-family questions, not biological answers to step-family questions. 7. Humor- it brings a perspective that helps you step back from the crisis or circumstances and see it in a new light. Keep on stepping!…


  • Power Parenting: How to Overcome Homework Hassles
    Many children and parents are still homeschooling their children due to the recent pandemic that has affected us. It can create frustration and anger for both the child and the parent. Here are few simple tips to help you and your child successfully navigate through this season.
  • Power Parenting: Teach Your Kids About Jesus
    One thing I regret is that I didn’t invest more time in teaching my kids about the Lord. We had weekly family devotions but I don’t think that was enough. Our culture is anti-God. We need to equip our children on a consistent basis to solidify their faith and build their strong spiritual foundation. Seven
  • Power Step Parenting: 10 Top Things Kids Wish They Could Say to Divorced Parents
  • Power Step Parenting: Traits of Healthy Co-Parenting
    Here is a quick test to see if you have a healthy co parent relationship. A healthy relationship between you and your ex spouse has great impact on the health and well being on your children. A healthy co-parent relationship and lower the chances of your child engaging in high risk behaviors.
  • Power Parenting: Drill Sargent Parents
                                A Drill Sargent parent barks out orders, demands absolute obedience, uses punishment as a consequence of children’s mistakes. For them, it is all about control and a power trip. The real world doesn’t operate on punishment but consequences. Children of drill