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Ambassador Elisa and ROPE panel hosts Jack Crane, Mike Blevins and Mark Munson Interview Hank Garrett.


Hank Garrett in “Car 54 Where Are You” (1961 – 1963)

Hank Garrett in “3 Days of the Condor” (1975)


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Ambassado Elisa Interview about marriage



Annette Warren Smith

     Ava Gardner


           Lucille Ball

Ambassador Elisa Interview with Annette Warren Smith Voice Artist for Ava Gardner and Lucille Ball Aired on September 20th 2020



Ava Gardner in Showboat


Lucille Ball in Fancy Pants



6-7-20 Ambassador Elisa shares global news and updates





5-31-20 A R.O.P.E. Tribute to Little Richard-   Ambassador  Elisa pays tribute to Little Richard’s undeniable musical talent and contributions. But above that, it conveys that what ultimately mattered most to Richard isn’t being in the Rock ‘N Roll Fame, but being in God’s Hall of Faith. It wasn’t notoriety, popularity, record sales, or awards which count. It’s accepting Jesus Christ as one’s Savior, and being written in the Lamb’s Book of Life which really counts. It’s about the heavenly eternal and not the earthly temporal.





5-10-20  Pat Boone Part 1. Birthday tribute to Pat Boone by ROPE family.

5-10-20  Pat Boone Part 2. Pat Boone hosts National  Day of Prayer and shares how he ministered to actor Rock Hudson.


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4-27-20  Elisa interviews actress Ruta Lee, known for Witness for the Prosecution (1957), Funny Face (1957) and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954).

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4-9-20  Elisa interviews Beverly Tate, Snoop Dog’s mom.


4-2-20  Elisa and Mari Plank discuss the corona virus as a wake up call.

3-1-20 Seducing Spirits In The Last Days/Oprah”

1 26 20  How Does Satan Influence Our Thinking

1 5 20  Talking with Greg Carter producer for Idolatry, Worship Misplaced.