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06-05-2022. Ambassador Elisa Show with Mindi Edholm: How to Restrain the Tongue Part 2




06-05-2022. Interview with Ella Onakoya ”We have entered the season of greater glory”. from London




05-21-2022. Interview with Susan Smith Jones. PhD




05-21-2022  Ambassador Elisa Show with Mindi Edholm: Overcoming Jealousy




05-14-2022  Judah show: Time to pray for the days are getting shorter



05-15-2022  Interview with Scarlet Lani






04-23-2022  The Judah Show: The real meaning behind Los Angeles



04-24-2022 Ambassador Elisa’s Show: GOD’s Interest vs. Man’s Interest 



04-24-2022 Interview with Ted Baher



04-17-2022 Ambassador Elisa Show ” Satan’s followers think that GOD is asleep. “






04-10-2022  Interview with Jason Campbell/JC Films




04-10-2022  Ambassador Elisa Show:  Honor Thy Father & Mother




4-03-2021 Interview with Afile Jones




04-03-2022 The Oscar’s evil influence




04-03-2022 Interview with Attorney Michael Yoder




03/20/2022  Interview with Mandy Jacobs



03/20/2022  Interview with AJ D’Priest



03/13/2022  Interview with Joe Pellegrino


03/13/2022  Interview with David & JoAnna Hairabedian

02/17/2022  Interview with Kali Fontanilla

01/27/2022  Interview with Gloria Massey Chinea & Rolando Chinea/Election Integrity Project


02/25/2022 Ambassador Elisa Show:  “Beware of the world we live in”

02/25/2022 Dr. Peterson Pierre Interview

11/05/2021 Author LaRue Palmer discusses his book “Man Cave of Health”

10/29/2021 Interview with Attorney Jim Lloyd 

02/03/2022 Tax Expert John Wurts

02/11/2022  Interview with Dr. Judy Mikowits

12-17-21 Robert Kennedy Jr., discusses his new book, “The Real Anthony Fauci”  Click to read more about the book.

12-10-21 Interview with Pastor Rob McCoy, GOD Speak Calvary Chapel with Beverly Wurts defy judge’s orders and hold indoor services without mask. 

10-28-21 Mandy Jacob & Trevor Marshall, Ph.D. discuss Radiation Exposure.

10-21-21 Dr. Christopher B. Rake, Anesthesiologist, UCLA Medical Center. Escorted from work for refusing COVID vaccine .

10-21-21 Dr. Tyrone Smith & Dr. Myles Smith Inventors of Virus Doc Air Purifier.

09-30-21 Pastor Ivan Horton of Anointed Connection International Ministries Testimony. 

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07-26-21  Interview with Mike Lindell, My Pillow Founder.

06-24-21  Interview with Bill Duke, Director. 

03-19-21  Interview with an Atheist. 

01-31-21  Abortion.