Transformation Broadcast


Mari Plank / Executive Director of Operations/Panel Radio Host  for the show Transformation

Mari is the R.O.P.E. Executive Director of Operations. She is also a counselor with a passion to see people live free from limitation, fear, loneliness and brokenness. She is the author of  a forthcoming book Stop Dancing With the Enemy. She shares her wisdom from her personal journey, professional expertise and faith. Her website is

8-29-20 Mari discusses how to build a successful step family

8-8-20 Step Out and Do Something New – Mari encourages you to overcome anything in your way from doing something new! Let God lead you into a new adventure!

8-1-20 The secret of contentment. obsessed with getting and gain is fruitless and stressful. There is always more to gain. Learn how God’s word can help you be content.

7-25-20 God love can transform and heal.

7-18-20 Freedom Through Forgiveness. Mari shares some unique ways forgiveness brought freedom from limitations

7-11-20 Mari continues her discussion on fear.

7-4-20 Mari and Ambassador Elisa share how God healed them of fear. part 1