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Mari Plank / Executive Director of Operations/Panel Radio Host  for the show Transformation

Mari is the R.O.P.E. Executive Director of Operations. She is also a counselor with a passion to see people live free from limitation, fear, loneliness and brokenness. She is the author of  a forthcoming book Stop Dancing With the Enemy. She shares her wisdom from her personal journey, professional expertise and faith. Her website is

  • Power Parenting: How to Overcome Homework Hassles
    Many children and parents are still homeschooling their children due to the recent pandemic that has affected us. It can create frustration and anger for both the child and the parent. Here are few simple tips to help you and your child successfully navigate through this season.
  • America Needs to Repent
  • Is the COVID 19 Virus an Act of God?
    Is God judging the earth? Why is he allowing this worldwide crisis to hit us? (part 1)
  • Judah Show
    Aired on 02/21/2021
  • How Do I Deal With an Unbelieving Spouse?
    For many Christians, the salvation of their unsaved spouse is a priority. Desiring to be equally yoked, going to church together, and sharing a common faith is important. God can use you to minister to your spouse. Watch the video