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The word for this week  is “renew”

 We’re told in Romans 12:1 to renew our minds. Why is that? 

 Neuroscientists prove that our thoughts are a physical structure in our brain. They control our emotions and affect all of our other functions including physical, mental, and emotional.

 When we allow toxic emotions such as fear, anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness to continually influence us, our body responds to them by releasing chemicals. They can induce sickness,  and depression.   The more these chemicals flood our bodies, the more negative consequences we have.

The opposite is true also. When we think of good things such as:

  • Express gratitude and thanksgiving
  • Think on the Lord’s goodness, loveliness and  truth as directed in Phil 4:8
  • His Salvation

We will cause our brain to be renewed. We will stop the flood of negative chemicals. Happy thoughts release happy chemicals, such as dopamine.  You will feel much better when you change your thoughts and change the structure of your brain.

 Today’s challenge

When you start to get a negative thought or experience negative emotions make the decision to take it captive and bring it under obedience to Christ. Renew your mind by thinking on what it is good, lovely, and pure, which is Jesus.